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Instagram Bio Font Generator

Instagram font generator or Igfont generator is an online web application for generating copy and paste fonts for Instagram bio and your profile name. These Insta fonts are stylish and in terms of looks, they stand out and make your Insta profile unique and attractive.

By default, Instagram uses plain fonts which looks boring, and your profile and post get lost in the thousands of Instagram profiles. Here on, there are over 100 Insta stylish fonts that you can use in your Instagram profile to stand out. Using Igfonts in your Instagram profile is like a red rose in the basket full of white roses. Your profile will stand out and have more chances of followers and likes.

Instagram font generator also comes with Insta font changer feature along with the live preview mode, where you can see how your Insta bio will look as you start to type your Instagram bio or when you change Instagram fonts.

You already have uploaded awesome photos on Instagram, now let's make your Insta bio and Instagram captions stylish and unique with

Fonts for Insta Bio has over 100+ unique Unicode copy and paste fonts for Instagram, which come in different styles to suit your Instagram bio. Each Instagram font used in the Insta font generator has a separate Unicode for each character. It means you can copy the Insta text and after pasting it in your Instagram profile, it won't become plain text. 

Instagram does not give any option to write a stylish Instagram bio, but it allows Unicode characters in the bio and caption as well, which means you can use our unique fonts in your Instagram bio, and profile.

How to Use to Generate Copy and Paste Fonts for Instagram

There are 2 sections in the Instagram font generator tool. The first one has an Instagram font generator, and the second one is live preview mode. Follow these steps to successfully generate beautiful Insta fonts for your Instagram profile.


1. Start typing your Insta bio in the input text box. Our Insta font generator starts to generate Insta bio in different Instagram stylish fonts.
2. Select the Insta font style that you like.
3. You can now copy it by tapping on the copy button, or you can tap on the 'preview' button to see how it will look on Instagram.
4. You can also copy the Insta text from the live preview window, or you can close it to check out more igfonts.